We know it’s dangerous to leave your pet inside your car during the summer, but what about in the winter with the cold temperatures?

Our Verify team went to the experts to find out whether leaving a pet in a car in the cold can be dangerous.

Veterinarian Amanda Hanna with the West Alabama Animal Clinic says in the summer, a car quickly becomes an oven, and in the winter, it’s the opposite.

“Outside is the same as the car, so they're going to equilibrate in temperature,” Hanna said. “So if your dog was going to freeze outside in an hour or two, that could be the same."

Hanna says time and breed alters how each animal is affected. But overexposure, she says, can lead to hypothermia or even death.

“We’ll get some uncontrollable shivering, so you’ll see that. A lot of animals won’t eat as readily when they’re suffering from the cold,” she said.

So we can verify this claim is true. It can be dangerous to leave your pet in the car in cold weather.

Hanna also says anytime you think it’s too cold to leave your pets outside, the best bet is to bring them in. If you can’t, find a place for them to stay that’s out of the wind.

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Amanda Hanna, veterinarian, West Alabama Animal Clinic