Aiken County, SC (AP) - A dashcam video shows a South Carolina police officer stick his gun into the window of a driver's car before pulling the weapon out and killing the man.

Viewer warning: the video attached to this article does show the shooting itself. While the video does not show the bullets striking the man, viewers who do not wish to see those moments should not play the segment.

State police released the video of North Augusta police Officer Justin Craven shooting Ernest Satterwhite on Monday after Craven pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to three years of probation. The Associated Press has been asking to see the video for nearly two years since the February 2014 shooting.

In the footage, Craven runs up to Satterwhite's car after a 13-minute chase. He sticks his gun in Satterwhite's open window, and a black arm is seen pushing at the pistol. Craven pulls the weapon out and fires several shots.

Police experts say an officer should never charge at a suspect without determining whether the person is dangerous.

Craven pleaded guilty to misconduct in office. In addition to probation, he also got 80 hours of community service.

Prosecutors originally wanted to charge Craven with voluntary manslaughter, but a grand jury refused. Craven was later charged with a different felony before taking the plea deal.

Craven's lawyer, Jack Swerling, says Craven made a split-second error in judgment, and shouldn't have run up to Satterwhite's car at the end of the chase. But he says he fired the shot after the Satterwhite reached for the officer's gun.

Swerling says Craven thought about going to trial to clear his name but feared that would be difficult with several other police shootings in the news.