Blythewood, SC (WLTX) -- A non-profit organization in Blythewood is looking to preserve a piece of history. Camp Discovery is in the process of restoring a 150-year-old barn to its former glory, thanks to funding received by the Richland County Conservation Commission.

The barn was built in the mid 1800's and it was used for storing harvested corn, also known as a corn crib.

"It's an important piece of history, not just in Richland County and Blythewood, but also for our children to learn about agricultural practices. It's starting to become a disappearing piece of landscape because you just don't see these old barns anymore," said Joanna Weitzel, the executive director of Camp Discovery.

Starting this weekend, volunteers are taking the barn apart and putting it back together. "It's giving us an opportunity to replace the old materials," said Weitzel.

Not only are the volunteers preserving history, but they're also receiving a history lesson along the way. While taking down the barn, they found treasures from the past, including old bottle, carriage bolts and horseshoes.

"This is a place for learning. It's hands on. It's a way the kids seem to learn. We are getting our own lesson with the corn crib. It works out great," said Tom Summerford.

Camp Discovery is looking for volunteers to help rebuild the barn. If you would like to assist, or have some materials to donate, contact Joanna Weitzel at joannaw! or call 803-754-2008.