Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Multiple emergency agencies in the Midlands were outdoors on Sunday, training to help those in need and in danger.

Major Glenn Hamm with the South Carolina National Guard says this is helpful for all the agencies.

"We have personal assembled here today from South Carolina State Guard, the Richland County Sheriffs Office, and the Columbia and Richland Fire Department to do a demonstration of capabilities and also an assessment of our capabilities internally to determine how we can best work together," said Hamm.

With the water rescues taking place, multiple emergency management groups have to communicate together to get the job done. Helicopters take flight and boat crews head out in the water to help search for the person they are looking for.

"The assets from the state guard working with close coordination with the Richland County Sheriffs Office and the Columbia-Richland Fire Department as well. We have their swift water rescue team on site as well as our water rescue personnel. From our viewers out there that are watching us, we want them to know that we are here, we are training, and we are ready that regardless of what the disaster as it strikes that we are a force to come in and to be able to serve the citizens of the state of South Carolina in a time of emergency or disaster," said Hamm.

Another portion of the training they practiced on Sunday was with wilderness rescue. K-9 units, as well as guardsmen, went through the wooded area of Granby Park to find the person they were meant to save on the mission.

They found the victim under a bridge in a hard to reach spot.

Christian Logan is part of the guardsmen that specializes in high-incline rescue missions.

"First and foremost is safety. Safety for the rescuers and safety for the patient. Training levels because this is a discipline the changes almost daily," said Logan.

Logan says having training missions like this helps them be prepared for the real deal.

"Had a lot of training and read a lot. Seen a lot of manuals so it gives me a chance to be creative so the more training you have, the more you’re able to adapt to different situations that can be found throughout the state of South Carolina," explained Logan.

At the end of the day, Logan believes teamwork is the key to a successful mission.

"Teamwork is essential. There were things I was doing down below I didn't have to worry about the team up top doing it because we’re all trained to the same level. I did my part. They did their part but as a team we were able to function so well and complete the mission," said Logan.

100 guardsmen and 20 Columbia Firefighters were a part of the training.