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What does it takes to ship all those packages

UPS is currently taking applicants for seasonal positions.

Columbia, SC - (WLTX) The holiday season is upon us and that means gift giving is in full swing.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to get those packages shipped out?

The UPS Air Hub in Columbia say nearly 350,000 packages are being shipped out daily.

The packaging company says during the peak season they use nearly a million gallons of gas to deliver shipments all over the world. That's up from last years 750,000 gallons.

Scott Bradley, UPS Carolina Air Division Manager, has been working for the company for 30-years and he says the business is booming now more than ever.

"The Columbia Air Hub is a fully automated building. Right now we're running in the neighborhood of 350,000 packages a day out of this location. In a network between Thanksgiving and Christmas day we're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 million so your looking at 31-35 million packages a day. "

Bradley says shipping is now more prevalent than ever even with the increase in gifts cards.

The demand is so high during this time of the year that the company hires an extra 100,000 workers just to make sure they're prepared for the holiday rush. UPS is currently taking applicants for seasonal positions.

If interested be sure to visit upsjobs.com for more information.