Columbia, SC - (WLTX) Yesterday 14 Fort Jackson recruits were taken to the hospital out of precaution after lightning struck near them as they were training outside in a field.

They were standing underneath a lightening safe structure at the time of the incident.

But what exactly is a lightning safe structure?

There are a multitude of different structures and John Katz, president of the Columbia Fireflies explains how the Spirit Communication Park stadium lightning system works.

Katz says, " Its called a UL 96A Master Label Lightning Protection System. In laymen speak it's kind of like lighting rods that are positioned all over the roof structure and light poles and they send any lightning strike down into the ground and there's a loop that runs underneath the stadium that would basically pull the lightning down into the ground."

With a massive outside sports and entertainment complex that attracts huge crowds all year long with all types of weather conditions Katz shares the importance of keeping people safe at all times.

Katz says, "The ball park itself sits on just about eight acres of land. Our capacity for baseball is about ten thousand and entertainment events is about fifteen thousand so we have a lot of people."