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Residents concerned flooded road could be dangerous

They are worried that standing water along their street could cause accidents and delayed response from emergency vehicles.

WINNSBORO, S.C. — Some frustrated residents in Richland County are searching for answers for what they call an inaccessible road, which they believe is a safety hazard.

Dorthey Metze has been living on Lilton Road for over 20 years. She says in the past few years the road’s conditions have worsened due to flooding. With recent rain, standing water has increased her concern for her safety and that of her neighbors.

"When you come Montecello, about a quarter of a mile down, all the water is pooling and standing there," Metze explains. "The water is going under the road, it's soaking the road. I'm afraid when I leave out of here to go to work, I could just go down."

Residents say this is the only way in or out of their neighborhood.

Gregory Harris and his wife also live along Lilton Road. He recently suffered a stroke. He’s afraid that if he should require an emergency response, vehicle could get stuck and delay any life-saving response.

"If an ambulance has to come back through here, right now it's rainy so it's got the road messed up, they'd have a time just trying to get back through here."

We went in search for answers on who is responsible for Lilton Road. It turns out it’s a Richland County maintained road.

News19 reached out to the county in search of solutions.

They provided us with a response; telling us the county’s public works department has put stones along the street. They said that a private pond next to the road has been flooding, causing the standing water on the road, and the county is working with the pond’s owner to lower the water level.

UPDATE: On Friday morning Richland County told News19 they received word from the pond owner that a new dam, causing the problem, will likely be removed during the weekend.

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