HORRY COUNTY, S.C. — When police found them they were banged up, hanging upside down in a car. But luckily, these two women are on the road to recovery.

On Monday, a car crashed in Horry County, flipping onto its roof with two women trapped inside.

When a policeman arrived on scene, he ran toward the flipped car to find both women hanging upside down, restrained by their seatbelts. One woman saying she couldn't breathe.

So the policeman took action. He, along with the help of other local officers, broke three windows and forced a door open. Then they cut the seatbelts, freeing the women, who seem to be doing OK as of Wednesday.

"Fortunately, while a bit beat up, both are expected to make a full recovery!" the department said in a Facebook post.

It was later discovered that both women were actually the mother and sister of a fellow Horry County officer.