Columbia, SC (WLTX) - You've probably seen the colorful creations in downtown Columbia.

It is called “yarn bombing” and the 1500 block of Main St. is covered.

Artists installed the yarn work on trees, lamp posts, bike racks and parking meters throughout the area.

The artwork is a part of the Anastasia and Friends gallery in Columbia.

The manager of the gallery, Bohumila Augustinova, says it took about five months for more than 20 volunteers to knit and crochet the work. Then it took a week to install all of the pieces.

Augustinova hopes that the artwork will inspire others to get involved in the Columbia Art scene.
“Columbia, as small of a town as it is, in incredibly artistic and a lot of really wonderful things are happening here,” says Augustinova. “This is art for people who might be who might be intimidated to paint or make a sculpture, but anyone can pickup needles and learn this. The Columbia Art scene is alive, that's for sure.”

The pieces will stay up until the end of October and there could be more art instillations like this one in the future.

The gallery is also offering crocheting and knitting classes for anyone who is interested in taking up a new skill.