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Easy yoga poses to do while working from home

Local yoga instructor Jazmine Kane shares 3 easy poses you can while working from home

Whether you're working from home or in the office, a lot of stress can be put on our necks and backs as we work at our desks.

Health experts are calling it 'text neck'. According to healthline.com, it's when your head is forward, shoulders are rounded and back is slumped. 

Yoga instructor and founder of Jaz-E Yoga, Jazmine Kane offers three ways to alleviate some of that stress and help with posture.

She says the first is to take three deep breaths.She says it's important to take a moment to pause throughout your day. This can be done by sitting up straight at your desk, relaxing your shoulders and taking three big, deep breathes.

The second suggestion is to stretch your neck and shoulders. First, sit up straight in an upright posture. Then, Kane says to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed while dropping your ear towards your shoulder. While you're in this position, she recommends looking up at the ceiling and down at the floor to get deeper into the stretch. Once you're comfortable, you can also take three deep breaths while in this position. After your three deep breaths, bring your neck back to center and do this posture on the other side.

The third and final suggestion would be to stretch your spine. Sitting up again in an upright position, place your left hand on your right hand and twist towards your side. If you want to get deeper into this stretch, Kane recommends looking over your shoulder. Like the other stretch, once you're in a comfortable position take three deep breaths. Then, bring your body back to center and do this posture on the other side.

These poses can be done while working from home or even if you're still in the office.

Kane recommends doing these poses at least three times throughout your day and even before bed.