COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina State Fair has opened and they want to make sure fair goers know that safety is their top priority.

Along with having metal detectors and dozens of deputies from around the state, there's also a youth curfew protocol in place.

"We don't want to be South Carolina's babysitter," says Matt LaSchuma, director of safety for the South Carolina State Fair. "We want people to come here with their family and have a great time. for people to come and bring unattended youth, that just causes trouble. The best thing you can do is plan the time you can come out here and spend the time with your family and friends."

The youth curfew prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from entering the fairgrounds alone after 6 pm.

"If you do not have an ID card then you will be refused access," says LaSchuma. "If you have a parent with you, they have to be 21 and older to get someone in who is under the age of 18."

For anyone who may be lost at the fair, including children and adults, The Rocket is still the meeting spot for lost families. Deputies are also stationed throughout the fairgrounds and can assist with locating missing family members.

A complete look at fair rules can be found here.