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Midlands lottery winner had to have clerk tell her she had won

The woman asked the clerk at the Obama gas station to check, the clerk grinned and whispered you've won $300K.
Photo: Thinkstock/Getty Images

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A Midlands lottery player thought she did something wrong when she used a store’s ticket checker and the message read to “Claim at Lottery.”

So she asked the clerk at the the Obama Gas Station, on N. Main St. in Columbia to take a look. 

The clerk scratched some more off the ticket and with a big grin discreetly told the player she won $300,000.

 “I was so surprised,” the winner said. “I put my hand up to my mouth to stay quiet.”

The store was busy, and the winner did not want to draw attention to herself or the ticket, so she leaned over the counter for a closer look.  The clerk pointed to the $300,000 prize.

“I thought I was about to cry,” the winner said.

The winner overcame odds of 1 in 780,000 to win the last $300,000 prize in the $300,000 Riches game.

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The store in Columbia received a commission of $3,000 for selling the claimed ticket.

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In 2013 the Obama Gas Station sold a $250,000 Mega Millions® ticket. In 2012 a $1 million Powerball® ticket and a second $250,000 Mega Millions® ticket were sold at the store