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South Carolina Powerball player comes within one number of jackpot - again

It's not this Rock Hill woman's first brush with a big win. And it still came with a decent payout.

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Maybe the third time's the charm? A South Carolina woman said she has yet again missed a multi-million dollar jackpot - but came out with a decent takeaway just the same.

The South Carolina Education Lottery told the story of a Rock Hill woman who won $50,000 in a recent drawing. The organization said the most recent numbers were combinations of family birthdays and anniversaries.

She bought the most recent lottery ticket from Elliot's Exxon convenience store on Cherry Road in Rock Hill.

Even without taking home that big jackpot - currently sitting at nearly $150 million, the store is definitely happy she stopped by. For selling the $50,000 ticket, the store gets a $500 commission.

Meanwhile, it turns out that coming in one number off is pretty tough to do, with 1 in 913,129 odds.

Clearly, though, these numbers don't scare this winner.

"One day it's going to happen," she told lottery officials.