Minnetonka police responded to a "swatting" incident Saturday night after receiving a call with false claims from a man saying he shot his wife with an AR-15.

"Swatting" is a type of hoax that involves making false statements to law enforcement over a phone call with the goal of summoning heavy police responses to a target address. 

The incident took place at the 5200 block of Knob Hill Court.

Authorities determined the call was a hoax upon responding to the call. No one was hurt and there was no threat to police or residents. 

Investigators are attempting to identify the caller, who used a computer to make the call, which makes it difficult to track.

Minnetonka Chief of Police Scott Boerboom said, “Swatting is a dangerous prank that our department does not take lightly. Incidents like Saturday’s disrupt neighborhoods, create unnecessary fear and are a strain on public safety resources. We will not tolerate swatting, and we will do everything we can to locate and charge anyone who falsely reports a crime.”