ORANGEBURG, S.C. — A Neeses man has been charged after an assault sent a woman to the hospital with extensive injuries.

“This individual attacked this woman for no good reason and punched and kicked her for some time,” the sheriff said. “I can only imagine the fear she had as his attacks seemed to be endless.”

Eric Goolsby, 31, was charged with attempted murder, domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and malicious injury to personal property.

Orangeburg County Sheriff’s investigators were sent to a Lower Cherokee Road residence on Sunday after receiving a 911 call stating a woman had been severely beaten.

The woman told investigators Goolsby had asked to speak with her. She allowed him to do so after he stated he would not vandalize her car if she allowed him to visit.

However, within a few minutes the conversation went downhill resulting in Goolsby striking the woman each time she didn’t provide an answers to his liking, she said.

The woman then fell to the floor at which time Goolsby began punching and kicking her in the back, deputies say. 

The assault continued when she tried to take a bath to rinse off the dirt and sweat when she was assaulted yet again. While she was in the tub, Goolsby began kicking the woman in the face with steel-toed boots, according to the report.

After yet another round of assaults, the woman fled the residence when Goolsby left, the report states. She hid for a while in a nearby field before fleeing it to a neighbor’s home.

The neighbor told investigators he found the woman lying on his steps when he answered the door.

911 was then called.

OCSO Victim’s Advocate Amy Rinkenberger told the court the woman could have died of her injuries during the hours she spent hiding in a nearby field.

During a hearing on Friday, bond was set on Goolsby at $77,000.