Fairfield, SC (WLTX) - There have been lots of talk among politicians and even folks on social media about whether or not teachers should be armed.

The thing is - those debating aren't in school. We wanted to find out what the students thought about all of this, because it's their lives in the balance. We talked to six students from Fairfield Central High School to find out.

In the end, the students gave a lot of different opinions and had valid concerns. On one side of the token, a potential shooter who'd ordinarily only expect an SRO to be armed could be faced with a number of teachers who are licensed to carry. On the other side of the token, there was concern about the possibility of a teacher using the gun on students, of a student getting hold of a teacher's gun, and students feeling the need to protect themselves from those guns.

The students say they do practice intruder drills at Fairfield Central High School to stay prepared, just in case.