Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A Spring Valley High School student had a special surprise during her economics class Wednesday.

“It was tough, it was tough because I mean in the military I can do anything, I can train, I can go, I mean we’re always ready to go, even if we’re not wearing the uniform,” Sergeant Carlos Solis Melendez explained. “I never planned to be away from my daughter and that one is tough, that one is tough.”

The soldier is a single dad who has spent the last nine months away from his daughter Solymar serving in Kuwait.

“I made it through and I’m back, and I’m happy to see her,” Solis Melendez said.

He surprised her during her economics class.

The moment left Solymar speechless.

“I really didn’t expect it at all. I thought he was coming later on or like after September but I really wasn’t expecting it,” Solymar said. “I mean I felt really happy but then I was confused cause I don’t know if it was a dream or if it was true.”

“I knew she was going to be emotional, but uh it’s not the same when you’re actually preparing for something then to see it and experience it like firsthand,” Solis Melendez said. “I was on the first row and I seen her crying and she went to the corner and start crying and I’m like what should I do now? Uh but I feel good. I feel actually like mission accomplished.”

“It’s really happy cause I get to be with him from now on,” Solymar said. “He means a lot to me.”

Solis Melendez says he arranged his deployment so he could see his daughter graduate in the spring.