COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Lawmakers are cracking down on bars in Five Points.

According to the South Carolina Department of Revenue, businesses must be able to serve 40 people a hot meal during "normal mealtimes."

Richland Senator Dick Harpootlian says some bars are not complying with the law.

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This, along with other liquor license issues, has led multiple bars in the popular entertainment district to close, and, with the area attracting a large college student population, fewer bars could mean less business for Five Points employees.

"I think, if you get rid of a lot of the bars that are around here, people aren't going to want to hang out in Five Points," Dana Burkett said. "They're going to want to move to the Vista and hang out in the Vista."

Burkett has been a cosmetologist at Southern Gentleman's Barbering Company in Five Points since December. 

"It's weird 'cause, when I lived in Charlotte, there was bars that didn't sell food, so I don't see why Columbia can't do the same thing," she said.

In a June interview with News 19, Five Points Association President Tim Smith said they're not against bars so long as they're in compliance with the law.

"There are a number of bars down here [that] you never see their names in the paper and are in total compliance with law," Smith said. "Harden street may change from the number of bars it has but that doesn’t mean there’s not going to be any bars in five points."

Burkett says she's hoping good business practice will help keep her clientele, despite the possibility of change.

"I feel like if we keep putting out good business, college students are still going to come back here whether there's a bar here or not," Burkett said.

The Five Points Association is making an announcement on July 6 about additional changes coming to the area.