Get ready for the best fan cam ever.

During a timeout in the second half of the Maryland Terrapins and Loyola Greyhounds basketball game, mom Mandy Remmell got picked up on the eye of the Fan Cam.

Did she giggle and wave it off?

No! This Terps fan used her cell phone as a mic and belted out Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" in a now viral video.

Bow down to the spectacle that embarrassed her son but Clarkson loved. 

Clarkson, who's a coach for NBC's "The Voice" responded to the video in a tweet, calling Remmell "my kind of mama" and adding #ThatKidIsNotHavinIt.

Worth a second and third watch, right?

Remmell, 29, told the Washington Post that her 10-year-old son has recovered from the embarrassment.

She also talked about how embarrassing your kids just a bit in public is a parent's rite of passage.

"Embarrassing your kids and doing it in a fun way is a great opportunity. If you can get laughs and make memories, that’s really what counts."

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