A deputy in South Carolina is being hailed a hero after video showed him saving the life of a choking 12-day-old baby.

In June, Berkeley County Sheriff's Office deputy W. Kimbro pulled over a vehicle for speeding. A passenger hopped out and said the reason for the high speed was because a 12-day-old baby was choking and had stopped breathing.

On Thursday, the sheriff's office posted the body cam video to its Facebook page.

The video shows deputy Kimbro feeling the baby for a pulse before he starts massaging the child's chest. Then he lifts her neck and put his finger in her mouth to try and open her airway.

The baby’s mother said she went to take a shower when the baby was asleep in a bassinet, according to deputies. The woman’s stepmom told her the baby might have started choking on milk, according to law enforcement.

The baby eventually started to cry when she can breathe again. Deputy Kimbro continued to help the baby until EMS got to the scene to take over.

Deputy Kimbro was awarded the “life-saving medal” for saving the baby.