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Doritos bag from 1979 found on nature trail in North Carolina

Classic Doritos bag found on North Carolina trail serves as a reminder that plastic lasts a long time and to dispose of your trash properly.
Credit: Cape Lookout National Seashore
This Doritos bag was found on a nature trail in North Carolina

It's something that we were taught at a very young age, don't be a litterbug. Well, this post from the Cape Lookout National Seashore on Facebook is showing just why you should dispose of your trash properly.  

In the post, you see a Doritos bag, but it's not the kind of Doritos bag you would recognize totally today. It's from 1979! Their packaging was a little different back then.  This bag was found last week on the South Beach along the Southside Nature Trail.

At first they said the bag looked odd to them, again because of the bag design. They really didn't put two and two together until they saw the date on the bag. This bag has been around for almost 40 years!

One interesting comment on this post was from David Kime. Now, of course we haven't confirmed this, but he claims to have found a candy bar wrapper in Mammoth Cave that was ~60 years old.  He also said it had a cookie recipe on it. He didn't mention what candy bar is was though.

So, just as a reminder, please make sure you dispose of your trash properly and don't be a litterbug.