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MoviePass revives 'unlimited' $9.95 plan, but there's a catch

Here we go again. MoviePass is bringing back a $9.95 'unlimited' plan.
Credit: AP
In this Jan. 30, 2018, file photo, Cassie Langdon holds her MoviePass card outside AMC Indianapolis 17 theatre in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, File)

MoviePass is once again offering moviegoers a chance to see "unlimited" movies in theaters for just $9.95 per month, but there's some fine print you need to read. 

The movie-ticket subscription service got massive attention in August 2017 by offering consumers the ability to see one movie every day of the year for just $9.95 per month. But since then, the company has raised prices, limited access to certain films, and restricted the number of movies its subscribers could see each week. 

So while MoviePass is advertising its plan as "unlimited," it also points out that movie choices "may be restricted due to excessive individual usage which negatively impacts system-wide capacity." 

While the company's terms of service doesn't explain what it considers "excessive individual usage" of its unlimited plan, it doubles down by saying it has the "right to limit the selection of movies and/or the times of available movies."

Another catch to consider is that the $9.95 per month plan is only available for those willing to be billed annually and pay $119.40 up front for a year of the subscription service. To get the $9.95 plan, you also have to pay directly from your bank account via automated clearing house (ACH) or eCheck. 

If you don't want the annual commitment, MoviePass has dropped the price of its monthly no-commitment plan to $14.95 per month. 

Also dropped within its terms of service is a section that says MoviePass can "change the rules of movie-going attendance and ticket availability" at any time. 

The service terms also note that customers have to agree to choose their desired movie no more than three hours before showtime. So if you're trying to see a popular movie and it sells out early, then you're out of luck. 

MoviePass saw a surge of signups when it first unveiled its truly unlimited $9.95 per month plan in August 2017. But in 2018 the company dealt with problems highlighted by a series of outages, including one instance when the company ran out of cash. 

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