SPRING, Texas (KHOU) -- A family in Spring,Texas is in shock after their beloved dog was attacked and killed by a bald eagle. Little Lucy was a rescue Chihuahua.

"3 1/2 to 4 pounds, a little bitty thing," said Shelley Wezensky, Lucy's owner.

She was the Wezensky family's pride and joy.

"One of her favorite things was to crawl up on the back of your shoulder," she said.

They never imagined a bald eagle, like this one Air 11 caught soaring over the city, would take their precious dog away.

"I saw it nibbling a little bit and then flying away," said Sam Wezensky, the son.

"You could see streaks of blood like she had been dragged," said Shelley.

The Wezensky family found Lucy in the front yard of their Spring home.

"Obviously her throat had been taken out," said Shelley.

They had let her out back to do her business, but Lucy snuck into the front yard.

"She usually gets out through a hole in our backyard fence," said Sam.

"I know they are birds of prey, but it's very sad to have that happen," said Shelley.

Bald eagles have been spotted in The Woodlands before. They are known to nest in the trees and there's even a Facebrook group supporting their protection.

"It's still rural out here," said Shelley.

In a community where development meets mother nature, this family hopes Lucy's life will be a reminder of this lesson.

"Watch your babies, keep an eye on them, keep 'em close," said Shelley.