Farida Brown was shot several times in Sunday’s mass shooting at a Sutherland Springs church. And her daughter says that she played dead to stay alive.

"I can't imagine what these people are going through and then you get a call and you realize that you are one of those people going through it and then to get a call saying your mothers been shot but multiple times,” said Carol Horton, Brown’s daughter.

The agony set in as each minute passed by during Horton’s grueling three-hour drive from Manville, Texas to the hospital, where her 73-year-old mother was taken with four gunshot wounds.

"She just watched the killer walking up and down,” Horton described. “I guess he [shot] her, so she was kind of climbing under the pews."

Horton said that her mother played dead to stay alive.

Brown moved to her home in Sutherland Springs after Hurricane Harvey tore through Houston, leaving her East Texas home flooded, enduring two tragedies less than two months apart.

It's unclear if Horton's mother will ever walk or dance again but she says that her mother is one of the lucky ones.

"To see her smile at you, laugh with you, and realize that I get to say my mom survived, I get to say that my mother is alive,” Horton said. “I get to see her again."