Dallas, Texas - The granddaughter of the late Franklin D Roosevelt, Chandler Roosevelt-Linsley, sounds like a history book on tape discussing her life.

The life of a First Family during war time was not so glamorous. They were the first grandchildren to require Secret Service protection, and were under watch all day. Shoes were rationed, and they "went through many gas masks". She even added, "you gave up your pots and pans if you didn't need them." They lived on a ranch in Fort Worth, Texas, and did not visit the White House often.

Eleanor was ahead of her time for women's rights. She talked about votes, marriage, and gave strong advice. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." She was also often his "boots on the ground" when he needed to know what was going on, even taking a twenty-day trip to states around the country.

On FDR, Chandler reminisces on his love for happy hour: "He only wanted people who would gossip. He loved that!"