MADISON, Wis. - You might want to think twice before you pour a glass of wine with dinner.

“The risk for breast cancer increases with even one drink a day," said Dr. Noelle LoConte, an oncologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

LoConte is the author of "Alcohol and Cancer," an American Society of Clinical Oncology special article. It links drinking alcohol to at least seven types of cancer.

“What we are learning more about is what exactly the risk is,” LoConte said.

“The most recent studies by the World Health Organization confirms one drink a day modestly increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer," LoConte said.

Dr. LoConte said it’s not just wine. It’s beer and liquor, as well.

“The evidence is very clear," she said. "The science is very strong.”


“I think the take-home message from the statement is that the really high-risk people are very high drinkers – over a prolonged period of time," LoConte said.

One way to reduce cancer risk is to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

“We’re supporting policy strategies like limiting youth access to alcohol, limiting hours of sale, limiting locations of sale, raising the cost of alcohol," she said.