NEWBERRY, S.C. — With the potential for heavy rain and winds to rip through the Midlands the Newberry Electric Cooperative (NEC), shares their biggest concern and how the team is preparing.

"The only thing that we expect could be trees that may potentially cause a problem taking down power lines breaking lines" says Carla Willingham, office service manager for NEC. 

The cooperative says they are prepared for whatever the storm may bring, "We have crews already put together and assigned. Our call center will switch our phones back over to us so all employees will be all hands on deck. We have two full crews who can replace poles and we have two small service crews that can pull lines back up." says Willingham. 

NEC services over 13,000 homes in the county and has this piece of advice for anyone preparing.

"If you have a medical priority where you’re on oxygen always have a back up plan in place in case you lose power" says Willingham. 

The cooperative also warns against not cutting trees that have fallen into the roadways.

 "If a tree is down  whether it be across the road or on a power line please don’t try and cut them. If the line is down or the line is broken you still don’t know if that line is energized so let us take care of it." says Willingham