ORANGEBURG, S.C. — The Parks and Recreation Department in Orangeburg is registering children ages 4-14 for their winter youth basketball series. 

Registration is open until November 22, but Parks and Recreation says that their mission is about more than just playing sports.

"It’s about a people park connection" says Shawn Taylor, superintendent of recreational services, "The people park connection is that we try to provide a holistic approach of activities and events for all our people to do in the great outdoors. So that’s why we do more than just basketball we have our holiday series of events we have our sports for fall winter and spring and so that’s how we approach our planning with the idea to give citizens something to do outside of school and work." 

Holiday events happening in Orangeburg
Michael Fuller

For youth basketball the registration fee is $25 for city residents and $50 for non-residents. 

Late registration goes from Nov 25-29 and includes a $10 late fee. 

For more information call 803-533-6020 and to register online visit