COLUMBIA, S.C. — Columbia Police officers spent Friday and Saturday gathering donations at Columbiana Centre to help the community.

This comes as part of a department-wide push for greater community engagement and service. 

"We're just trying to give back," Columbia Police Sgt. Robert Fehr said. "To do what's on the side of our cars -- a community partnership."

So, they gathered things like clothing, good and school supplies, filling-up six police cars during the department's two-day "Stuff-a-Cruiser" event.

The items will go to help the hundreds forced to leave their homes due to gas leaks at Allen Benedict Court apartments and others without a home at Transitions Homeless Center, according to Fehr.

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"It can make a world of difference, especially at Allen Benedict," Fehr said. "Some of them have not been able to get back into their residences and get everything out. Some of these are brand new clothes... and it may just lift their spirits. With what's going on with the... homeless... it may give them something to say, 'Hey, I got something nice to wear, maybe now I can make that next step forward.'"

If you missed this event, you can still donate. 

Donation items requested:

No monetary donations accepted 

- Adult clothing

- Toiletries

- School supplies

- Non-perishable food items

Items can be delivered to Columbia Police headquarters or at the Columbia Police Department West Region office.