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How to find your correct polling place on Election Day

Voters are assigned to specific polling locations for November 3rd, but sometimes they’re changed at the last minute.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Voters planning to cast their ballot on November 3rd will need to know where they're supposed to go. Voters are assigned to specific polling locations on election day but sometimes they’re changed at the last minute.

"When you register, you’re sent a voter registration card. It’ll have a stub on it and your polling place and polling location on it. That’s your regular polling location where you normally vote," said Chris Whitmire with the State Election Commission.

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Polling places can be changed or combined for many reasons. Whitmire said about 70 polling locations in South Carolina have been moved in the past two months.

For example, the Lexington County Elections Office has recently combined two of their Park Road locations into one polling place at the New Providence Elementary School.

"We’re still doing voter registration cards and everything, so probably Wednesday, Thursday of this week, we’ll have those changed on scvotes.gov," said Mary Brack, Director of the Lexington County Elections Office. 

Brack said they wait to update their polling locations to make sure there aren’t any last minute changes. She suggests voters wait until November 2nd to check their polling place online.

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"Ultimately, what I encourage every voter to do is go to scvotes.gov, click 'find my polling place' and you’ll find up to date info on where you vote on November 3rd," said Whitmire.

All voters need to do is enter their county, name and date of birth.

If a voter has moved within their county and wants to update their polling place, they can head to their county elections office to fill out a form and get the new location, or get the form online at scvotes.gov.

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