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LIST: 2018 South Carolina candidates and key races on the ballot

Here's a look at the key races on the ballot that we'll be tracking throughout the day for the 2018 midterm elections in South Carolina.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - South Carolina voters have a bunch of choice to make on election day, with races ranging all the way from governor to county council, and everything in between.

Voters will decide if Gov. Henry McMaster gets his first full term in office, or choose to elect James Smith as the first Democratic governor in 20 years. Both men are running with lieutenant governor running mates.

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People will also decide who represents them in the U.S. House, the South Carolina House, and many county school board and county council races. In some counties, they'll approve or reject proposals to raise money for public projects and schools.

Here's a look at the key races on the ballot that we'll be tracking throughout the day.

South Carolina Governor:

Incumbent Republican Henry McMaster is facing Democratic challenger James Smith. For the first time ever, the candidates will have a lieutenant governor candidate as a running mate.

All U.S. House Seats on the Ballot

As they are every two years, all seven of South Carolina's U.S. House seats are up for grabs, meaning that every citizen of South Carolina, no matter where they live, will make a choice for their Congressperson.

SC Senate/House Seats Up for Grabs

The following Midlands Senate/House seats are contested in the Midlands:

Senate: Just one race, and that's the special election for South Carolina Senate District 20, which features Republican Benjamin Dunn against Democrat Dick Harpootlian.

House: SC House 41, SC House 52, SC House 66, SC House 67, SC House 69, SC House 73, SC House 74, SC House 75, SC House 77, SC House 79, SC House 85, SC House 87, SC House 93, SC House 95.

If you're not sure if you fall in one of those above districts, check your sample ballot

Statewide Referendums/Local Ballot Questions:

SC Amendment 1 question: Appoint Education Superintendent

If approved, voters would allow for the state education superintendent to be appointed, rather than elected. To be clear, a "yes" vote means allow for them to be appointed, a "no" means keep things the way they are. If approved, this does not go into effect until 2022.

Alcohol Sales Questions

Voters in Calhoun County will decide about Sunday sales. The decision will be broken up into two questions: sales on premises and off premises.

Previous Coverage: Sunday sales could be coming to Calhoun County

Sales & Use Tax:

Voters in Calhoun, Saluda, and and Lee County have a sales and use tax that they must decide on.

School Bond Questions:

If you live in these jurisdictions, you'll be asked questions about tax revenue:

Lexington School District One, Lexington School District Three, and Richland School District Two. In each case, the bonds, if approved, would go to the construction of new facilities or improvements to old ones.

Previous coverage: Richland Two will ask voters to approve bond referendum

Previous Coverage: Voters to decide on $365 M Lexington School District One bond

Full list of South Carolina races, candidates in the Midlands

Governor/Lt. Governor

Henry McMaster/Pamela Evette – GOP

James Smith/Mandy Powers Norrell – Dem

Attorney General

Constance Anastopoulo - Dem

Alan Wilson – GOP

State Treasurer

Rosalyn Glenn - Dem

Curtis Loftis – GOP

Sarah Work – American

Secretary of State

Mark Hammond – GOP

Melvin Whittenburg – Dem

Agriculture Commissioner

David Edmond - Green

Chris Nelums – United Citizens

Hugh Weathers – GOP

SC Question – Education Superintendent




US House 1

Katie Arrington – GOP

Joe Cunningham – Dem

US House 2

Sean Carrigan – Dem

Sonny Narang - American

Joe Wilson – GOP

US House 3

Jeff Duncan – GOP

Mary Geren - Dem

Dave Moore – American

US House 4

Brandon Brown - Dem

Guy Furay – American

William Timmons – GOP

US House 5

Michael Chandler – Constitution

Ralph Norman – GOP

Archie Parnell – Dem

US House 6

James Clyburn – Dem

Gerhard Gressman – GOP

Bryan Pugh – Green

US House 7

Tom Rice – GOP

Robert Williams – Dem

5th Circuit Solicitor (Kershaw & Richland)

Byron Gipson – Democratic

John Meadors – Petition


SC Senate 20

Benjamin Dunn – GOP

Dick Harpootlian - Dem


SC House 41

Fred Kennedy – United Citizens

Annie McDaniel – Dem

SC House 52

Laurie Funderburke – Dem

Penry Gustafson – GOP

SC House 66

Tom Connor - GOP

Gilda Cobb-Hunter – Dem

SC House 67

Brandon Humphries

Murrel Smith - GOP

SC House 69

David Morris - Libertarian

BethAnn Rocheleau – Dem

Chris Wooten – GOP

SC House 73

Ralph Bell – GOP

Chris Hart – Dem

SC House 74

Michael Block – United Citizens

Todd Rutherford – Dem

SC House 75

John Crangle

Kirkman Finlay

SC House 77

Justin Bishop - Libertarian

Kambrell Garvin – Dem

SC House 79

Ivory Thigpen – Dem

Victor Kocher - Libertarian

SC House 85

Sam Edwards - Dem

Chip Huggins – GOP

SC House 87

Paula Calhoon - GOP

Diane Summers - Dem

SC House 93

Terry Kiser Sr. – GOP

Russell Ott – Dem

SC House 95

Jerry Govan - Dem

Chester Palmer - GOP

SC House 96

Bob Vanlue - Dem

Kit Spires - GOP


Calhoun Question: Alcohol Off-Premises



Calhoun Question: Alcohol On-Premises



Calhoun Question: Sales & Use Tax



Camden City Council

Deborah Davis

Jeffrey Graham

Clarendon School Board Seat 1

Bernard Richburg

Bessie Leonard

Tony Junious

Cindy Risher

Keith Bowman

Fairfield Council District 1

Moses Bell

Dan Ruff

Fairfield Council District 3

Peggy Swearingen

Mikel Trapp Sr.

Fairfield Council District 5

Douglas Pauley

Matthew Seibles Jr.

Fairfield Council District 7

Clarence Gilbert

Jana Childers

Lisa Brandenburg

Fairfield School Board District 1

Sylvia Harrison

Elliott Qualls

Fairfield School Board District 7

Darreyl Davis

Herb Rentz

Kershaw Sheriff

Anthony Bell - Dem

Lee Boan – GOP

Lee Question: Sales & Use Tax



Lexington Mayor

Steve MacDougall

Ron Williams

Lexington Town Council

Hazel Livingston

Todd Lyle

Kathy Maness

Todd Shevchik

Lexington School Trustee Seat 1 (Pick 3)

Jada Garris

Kyle Guyton

Reese McCurdy

Tim Oswald

Chris Rice

Scott Vaughn

Lexington School Trustee Seat 2 (Pick 3)

Brad Giles

Wayne McKim

Michael Neal

Christina Rucker

Denise Rish Setzler

James Summers

Linda Alford-Wooten

Lexington School Trustee 3 * (Pick 3)

Billy Berry

Frances Bouknight

Cheryl Burgess

Eddie Cogdill

Gariane Gunter

Lexington School Trustee 4 (Pick 3)

Donna Goodwin

Brad Frick

Viola McDaniel

Zachary Smith

Sadie Wannamaker

Robert White

Lexington School Trustee 5

Ellen Baumgardner

Jan Hammond

Ken Loveless

Lexington Question: School District 1 Bond



Lexington Question: School District 3 Bond



Pomaria Town Council

Richard Ringer

Albert Wilson

Orangeburg School Board District 1

Johnny Broughton Jr.

Lawton Brown

Betty Pelzer

Dennis White

Orangeburg School Board District 2

Vernell Goodwin

Vernon Stephens

Orangeburg School Board 3 District 3

William O’Quinn

Linda Huggins

Elaine Vincent

Orangeburg School Board District 4

Joyce Colter

Susan Gleaton

Peggy James-Tyler

Orangeburg School Board District 5

Idella Carson

Henry Jenkins Sr.

Robert Johnson

Orangeburg School Board 6

Ruby Edwards

Shirlan Mosley-Jenkins

Kalu Kalu

Albertha Sistrunk-Krakue

Orangeburg School Board 7

Sam Farlow

Larry Jumper

Mary Ulmer

Orangeburg School Board District 8 at Large

R.L. Brown

Joseph Garvin

Teresa Hinnant

Kenita Pitts

Aaron Rudd

Antron Williams

Orangeburg School Board District 9 at Large

Debora Brunson

Gene Gartman Jr.

Anna Jacobs

Laurie Sibley

Richland Council District 11

Chakisse Newton – Dem

Zoe Owen – GOP

Richland School District at Large 1

Yolanda Anderson

Jackie Baker

Dwayne Smiling

Richland School District at Large 2 (Pick 4)

Teresa Holmes

James Manning

Amelia McKie

James Mobley

Cheryl Parker

Craig Plank

Darrel President Sr.

Richland School District at Large 5 (Pick 2)

Nikki Gardner

Larry Haltiwanger

Jeff Herring

Ed White

Richland 2 Bond Question 1



Richland 2 Bond Question 2



Saluda Mayor

Michelle Curry

Amelia Herlong

Saluda School Board 1 Seat 2

Kathy Coleman

Crystal Gibson

Saluda School Board 1 Seat 4

Sundy Minick

James Moore

Saluda Question – Sales and Use tax



Santee Town Council

Gregory King

Shirley Prezzy Small

Sumter Council Ward 5

Chris Hilditch

Colin Davis

Sumter School Board 1

Brian Alston

Barbara Bowman

Caleb Kershaw Jr.

Mark Myers

Sumter School Board 2

John Michalik

Sherril Ray

Charles Smith

Sumter School Board 3

Josh Coleman

Jason Johnson

Matthew McLeod

Eartha Reed

John Shipman

Sumter School Board at Large (Pick 2)

Frank Baker

James Burton

William Byrd

Bonnie Disney

Lloyd Hunter

Jay Linginfelter

Bubba Rabon

Shawn Ragin

Whitmire Town Council (Pick 3)

Tosha Clark

Chrystal Harsha

Michael Patterson

Galen Roche

Michael Thomas

Charles Worthy