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President Trump's approval rating in South Carolina above national average, poll finds

President Trump enjoys more support in South Carolina than the national average, and has broad, deep support among members of the Republican party.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - President Trump's approval rating in South Carolina is above the national average according to a new poll, and remains overwhelming strong among members of his own party.

Winthrop University released a new poll Thursday which asked residents in South Carolina a list of questions on a number of hot topics. The poll, though, looked at all residents, not likely voters, so the conductors of the survey warn the findings should be not used as a gauge for the upcoming election.

In the poll, Trump had an approval rating of 44 percent. But looking just at Republican voters, that number climbs all the way up to 83 percent, showing he has broad popularity among his supporters. Another six percent weren't sure, and 1 percent refused to give a response.

“Trump’s approval in South Carolina continues to be higher than his overall national approval ratings," said Scott Huffmon, Winthrop Poll director and political scientist. "Currently, his approval in S.C. is 4 points higher than his national approval rating of 40 percent (according to Gallup). S.C. Republicans continue to offer their full-throated support of the president.”

Congress got low marks, with just 19 percent of South Carolinians approving of the job their doing.

In South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster has a 51 percent approval rating, but it's 75 percent among GOP strong voters or leaners.

Lindsey Graham gets a big boost

A politician who's seen a big boost in support recently in the state is Senator Lindsey Graham. After being a vocal critic of President Trump during the 2016 campaign and even in the early days of his presidency, Graham has increasingly been a more vocal supporter of the president--and it's paid off. During the recent Supreme Court hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Graham became the chief advocate for the judge, angrily attacking Democrats for bringing up accusations of sexual assault against the then nominee.

Graham now has a 49 percent overall approval rating in the state, and 72 percent among the GOP. For those who approved of the Kavanaugh appointment, it was 75 percent.

Back in April, Graham was a 45 percent overall, and 51 percent with Republicans.

“Graham’s new persona as tireless, and occasionally aggressive, cheerleader for the president and his agenda resonates well with the Republican base in South Carolina," Hoffman said. "Whereas those who identify with the GOP in South Carolina have waxed, and – more frequently in recent times – waned in their support for Graham, his vigorous defense of Judge Kavanaugh and vocal support for President Trump has returned him to the good graces of his party.”

Sen. Tim Scott's support is even higher, at 55 percent overall and 76 percent with GOP or GOP leaning voters.

For this latest Winthrop Poll, callers surveyed 674 residents in South Carolina by landline and cell phones between Oct. 20-28. Results which use all respondents have a margin of error of approximately +/- 3.8% at the 95% confidence level. Subgroups have higher margins of error. Margins of error are based on weighted sample size and account for design effects.

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