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'Racism Lives Here' signs show up on California lawns

Several residents in Coronado woke up to signs posted in their yards that they did not put there.

CORONADO, Calif. — Several Coronado residents woke up to signs posted in their yard on Wednesday that someone else posted overnight. 

The signs have a blue background and resemble some versions of Trump/Pence campaign signs.  They have "Racism lives here" in large type and the phrase "Make America great again" below.

According to the Coronado Police Department, they received seven calls about the signs and officers were sent out to speak with each of the residents.

"Oh, it's beyond nasty at this point," said Coronado resident Chris Cook. "Accusing somebody of racism for no reason - that's just horrible. [It's] the wrong thing to do to people." 

Other neighbors had similar responses to the signs. 

"[It's] totally inappropriate," said Pat Callahan. "People are entitled to their position and those type of responses, I think, are not fair."  

Pat and his wife Debra said they are all for meaningful discourse about political issues but called the signage "worrisome." 

"I think by doing something hateful - two wrongs don't make a right kind of thing," said Pat Callahan. 

The signs were quickly removed but remained a hot topic online

"It's so disappointing," said Cook. "The political climate is so charged and I don't think there's need to be calling each other racists."

Police said Wednesday they were in the process of locating security footage from the homes and have identified one home that does have Ring camera footage that they are collecting to review.

Simply placing a sign in another resident's yard may be unwanted, but it is not a crime as long as it's not permanent and doesn't damage the property, according to Coronado PD. Still, officers said they would be out patrolling the areas and will continue to monitor the situation.

At least two of the homes did have a Trump sign or flag on their property.

Credit: Coronado Police Department
'Racism Lives Here' signs popped up overnight in Coronado yards

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