RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — Richland County Library goes by the motto: ‘access freely,' and  from now on, they are doing just that.

“We are really pleased at Richland Library to say that today- June the 12th- we are fine free on all of our material types," exclaims Richland Library's Chief Program and Innovation Officer Tony Tallent, "That means there is no late fines on adult materials, children’s materials or teen materials.”

Richland Library is the second Library system in the state to implement this Fine Free policy, after Charleston County’s Public Library.

“The pros we feel for going fine free is really welcoming customers in our community back to the library who had a little bit of that fear factor about fines," Tallent shares, “We don’t have a lot of cons. We are, as we said earlier, living that tag line 'access freely.' We want to welcome our customers who in any way would feel that they couldn’t be a part of what we have to offer.”

"One of the things to remember is that 'fine free' is awesome and we're so excited to announce that," Tallent says, "but it doesn't mean we're 'responsibility free.'"

Tallent says they are still asking for books to be returned on time. 

Though there will no longer be overdue fines you may still acquire a fee for something such as a damaged item.

Go to their website to find a location near you.