COLUMBIA, S.C. — JaMiyah Robinson was born with a rare condition that makes one of her legs shorter than the other, but that's not stopping her. 

The Midlands fourth-grader has been dancing for the past 3 years at Elite Forces of Destruction. Before that, she was always dancing around the house, according to her mom.

Now, she is going viral after her gymnastic skills caught the eyes, and hearts, of people around the world. 

"I feel regular, like a regular normal girl," Robinson said. "Everybody's just staring at me... and can see that this girl can never stop. I hope that some of them never say they can't do anything because you really can."

Her mother LaShawn Jacobs hopes to see her daughter's story inspire others.

"When I see her dance [I'm] like wow, that's my daughter," Jacobs said. "It's so wonderful to see because it's a lot of kids that have disabilities and they think that they can't do something. My daughter... is living proof that you can do and be anything."

Robinson says she wants to become a dancer when she grows up, as well as a doctor who works on patients with the same condition as herself.