COLUMBIA, S.C. — Serve and Connect is making special boxes for law enforcement to give out to the community.

The non-profit group is dedicated to building stronger relationships between law enforcement and the public.

Kassy Alia Ray is the founder of Serve and Connect.

"These are the building blocks that help get us to a deeper level of relationship building," said Alia Ray.

The non-profit decided to create boxes containing two water bottles and cooling towels. Police officers and deputies will be able to distribute it to those in need during the hot summer months. Any agency in the state can request these boxes.

"They can hand it to them and help keep them cool and open the door for a positive relationship," said Alia Ray.

This is part of their Compassionate Acts Program. Her husband, Greg Alia, who was killed in the line of duty, helped inspire the program.

"He said, 'Kassy, no one wants a bad cop brought to justice more than a good cop but for every one negative story you hear in the news, you hear thousands of positive stories happening every day that go unnoticed,'" explained Alia Ray.

Alia Ray wants people to know the good deeds law enforcement participate in every day. With the Compassionate Acts Program, police agencies are able to do even more positive work.

Ultimately, Alia Ray hopes it builds a stronger foundation of trust.

"It helps to build that process of trust which is so critical, especially in communities where that trust is so fragmented or even non-existent," said Alia Ray.

For law enforcement that want to request boxes, you will be able to do so up until July 10th. To find the link to register, click here.