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Even Midlands residents are talking about the Murdaugh trial

Jury selection began Monday morning.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — In 2021 a mother and son were found dead at their country home in Colleton county. The accused--Alex Murdaugh--was the husband and father, a high profile lawyer who's family handled the legal needs of the county for three generations. 

In Walterboro, jury selection for Murdaugh's double murder trial started bright and early Monday morning. 

It's a case that has gained national attention, even CourtTV is streaming the trial. 

As the jury selection for day one began in Colleton County today, people in the Midlands were talking about the trial and the Murdaughs and what might or could happen. 

“I’ve read so much about the case, I’m not really interested in even following it," Bernetha Henry a Columbia resident said.

“Of course, it’s a topic of conversation with just about anybody you talk to anymore. Lots of people have opinions and views about it,” another Columbia resident, Terry Wells said.

 “I don’t follow the news closely anymore but I’ll pay attention to it because it’s South Carolina," Wells said.

“Basically get it as it comes on the news. Like I say I hadn’t caught up in it that much but from what you guys you’ve been showing kind of caught my attention," said local George Sherman. 

Residents spoke about how they are concerned about the attention it’s bringing to the state.

“The fact that South Carolina is getting so much national attention is one thing," Wells said.

“I just hate that South Carolina has to be in the national news in a negative way," Henry said.

“I think any state that has something like this should get this attention. He was someone who was an attorney, that alone should call that type of attention," George said.

Jury selection will continue Tuesday morning. 

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