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People in Columbia react to Murdaugh's guilty verdict

Alex Murdaugh was declared guilty after 28 days in the trial; people in Columbia give their thoughts.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Nightlife in Columbia is normally all about going out with friends, watching a game, and eating good food, but tonight there was Murdaugh on people's minds.

Over in The Vista, trial watchers like Patrick Nhigula said he has been watching the trial since the beginning.

"I think he was connected in that county and in that particular small town, and that pretty much helped probably to hide some of those things that people in the public should have known before all of this happened," Nhigula stated.

Others like Karen and Andy Thomas are from Hampton and grew up around the Murdaugh family. They both said they knew exactly what the verdict would be.

"I'm very surprised that he was found guilty," Karen said.

Jeff Huffman III, an unwilling trial watcher we spoke with in Five Points says he is just happy everything is over.

"My girlfriend has been watching this 24/7, and it's driving me crazy, we already knew he was guilty," Jeff Huffman III said.

However, one thing all of the people WLTX spoke with could agree on, was how quickly the jury was able to decide.

"Two hours maybe and they had a verdict," Andy Thomas said.

Now that the trial is over most of the people we spoke with said they will be looking for something new to watch. 

Sentencing for Murdaugh will take place Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. EST.

Judge Clifton Newman will hear arguments from the state, and the defense, who will ask for leniency. Newman said he would allow characters witnesses to speak as well, which could mean Murdaugh's family and friends will speak. 

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