Saluda, SC (WLTX) - News 19 is highlighting Random Acts of Kindness. Shelby Shepherd, a Saluda County teen, wanted to lend a hand, so she decided to start a teddy bear drive for the Saluda County Sheriff's Office.

"Looking all over social media and seeing all these heinous acts and I just wanted to bring some comfort to a very small town," Shepherd said.

The stuffed animals are given to deputies so they can have them in their cruisers. When they go out on a call that may involve a child, they will have the stuffed animal there to comfort the child dealing with a very adult situation.

Shepherd said, "It felt really good to know that our whole town is coming together and we're just helping all these kids."

The teddy bear drive lasted a couple of weeks and Shepherd was able to collect several bags full of stuffed animals.

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