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Taking Care of Your Pets on the Fourth of July

Rhody is the Gray family dog.

Rhody is the Gray family dog.

He’s celebrating his half birthday, as he's hitting the 3-and-a-half-year-old mark this week.

He's a Maltipoo and no, he doesn't run on AA batteries. It's going to be his fourth Fourth of July dealing with the neighborhood fireworks, so we're taking some advice from experts on how to minimize his angst.

There’s going to be some residents in your neighborhood that enjoy blowing up illegal fireworks, and not just on the holiday, but probably on the days leading up to and after the Fourth.

Here’s a few ways experts say could help your pets from “freaking on the Fourth,”:

  • Keep your pet inside a room in your house that's quieter.
  • Leave the light on and turn on the radio.
  • Stay with your pet if possible.
  • Make sure there is the usual amount of food and water.
  • Make sure they have their ID's on their collar in case they get out.
  • Provide a small amount of lavender scent. It's soothing.

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