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News 19 Teacher of the Week: Whitley Cheeseboro

Whitley Cheeseboro has dedicated much of her life to building strong relationships. She says, ā€œIā€™m silly, so the kids can be silly too."

COLUMBIA, S.C. ā€” It was quite the surprise for students at Leaphart Elementary School, when the News 19 team stopped by to honor one of their teachers. 

"She's a fun teacher," said Michael Lawerence.  "She helps others and she thinks we're responsible."

Lawerence says his teacher is one of the best, because she always listens and treats her students with respect.

"She likes to have fun with everybody," said Lawerence.  "She likes to actually let people have a good time."

For the past decade, Whitley Cheeseboro has taken a different approach to teaching.

"I just love being myself," said Cheeseboro.  "I'm silly, so the kids can be silly and a lot of stuff that would get on other teacher's nerves, doesn't get on my nerves."

Cheeseboro doesn't make her student raise their hand in class.  Instead, her fourth grade students are encouraged to have open conversations.

Raynie Nimmo appreciates Mrs. Cheeseboro, because she always puts a lot of thought and effort into her lesson plans.  Nimmo had Mrs. Cheeseboro last year when she was in the third grade.

"I was very excited to have Mrs. Cheeseboro for a second year," said Nimmo.  "She is just the best teacher."

If you know a teacher who deserves to be recognized for their hard work in the classroom you can nominate them by emailing us at TOW@WLTX.COM.