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Teen arrested for throwing hot sauce at Cedar Point Steel Vengeance riders

Riders said they had Panda Express chili sauce on their clothes, face and in their eyes.
Credit: Jordan Sternberg
April 25, 2018: Cedar Point has finally unleashed Steel Vengeance -- its newest record-breaking roller coaster. (Photo: Cedar Point)

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Police say a teen boy was arrested for throwing a packet of Panda Express hot sauce at riders on Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance roller coaster Saturday.

According to a police report, several riders reported being struck by hot sauce as the ride was in motion. Some reported getting hot sauce in their eyes while others had hot sauce on their clothes and face.

Employees told police they didn't know who threw the hot sauce packets, but said that the riders were likely still in line due to the hour and a half wait.

As officers reviewed camera footage, a witness told them she saw four males playing with hot sauce packets in line. She said one of the males dropped packets on the ground and stomped on them while another threw a packet at a passing ride car.

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The witness identified the group of juvenile males as they exited the ride.

According to the report, one of the boys had red sauce on his shoes and pants. He told police a sauce packet broke on his clothing while at Panda Express. Another boy pulled several packets of sauce from his pockets.

One of the boys told police he threw one unopened packet at a passing ride car, stating he didn't think it would break open. Police arrested the 17-year-old Amherst boy for disorderly conduct.

The parents of the three other boys involved were notified.

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