FAIRFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — The mother of a man killed in a May 12 shooting is speaking out after she says the circumstances surrounding her son's death have left her with more questions than answers.

According to investigators, 26-year-old Theron Rodrequis Woodard of Winnsboro was on Columbia Mall Boulevard when shots were fired into a car killing him and wounding another passenger.

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On Thursday, Richland County deputies arrested 29-year-old Kendall Jamil Brice and charged him with murder and attempted murder in this case.

Kendall Jamil Brice
Richland County Detention Center

Woodard's mom says Brice is Woodard's sister's cousin.

"The story is not adding up; the truth hasn't come out," Paulette Johnson-Free, Woodard's mother, said. "Nobody is just going to randomly come up behind you or come up beside of you and start shooting."

Those who knew Woodard called him 'Boukie.' His mother says he was energetic, fun and easy going.

Theron Woodard
Theron Woodard, 26, of Winnsboro was killed in a shooting over the weekend.
Family of Theron Woodard

He attended Fairfield Central High School where he played varsity and junior varsity basketball and, according to his mother, he has loved music and song writing since he was a small child.

"The one's that actually knew my son, tell what actually happened," Johnson-Free said. "I want to know the story, the real story. Somebody know, and I'm not going to rest until I get those answers."

Woodard's funeral is scheduled for Saturday, May 18 in Winnsboro.