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Two More Arrests Made in Lexington Teen Prostitution Case

Lexington County deputies have charged the father of two teenagers with neglect; officers also have arrested a man they say bought a hotel room.

(Lexington County) - Lexington County deputies have charged two more people in connection with an ongoing prostitution case.Lexington County deputies say they arrested 20-year-old Jonathan Jaworsky of Chapin Friday on charges of promoting prostitution involving minors.Earlier in the day, officers arrested the father of the two teenage girls who deputies say were forced into prostitution. Detectives say the 39-year-old man knew that his wife forced their two daughters, ages 15 and 17, to work as prostitutes but didn't do anything to stop it from happening. The father is charged with unlawful neglect of a child. Jaworsky was arrested outside at a fast-food restaurant in Red Bank.An arrest warrant alleges that Jaworsky promoted prostitution involving minors during the month of October 2006 by paying the rent for a motel room at a motel on Airport Boulevard near Cayce, where the two girls were forced by their mother to work as prostitutes. While Jaworsky knew that the motel room was used for prostitution, detectives say they have not found sufficient probable cause that would show that Jaworsky solicited prostitution from the two girls.Deputies say the money that men paid to the girls' mother for having sex with the girls was used to buy crack cocaine.The girls' parents are not being identified because that would identify the victims in this case. An arrest warrant claims that the father became aware of what was going on back on September 1. The warrant further alleges that the man took no action to protect his daughters or to remove them from the dangerous situation that they were in.The mother was arrested January 26 on charges of promoting prostitution involving a minor, unlawful neglect of a child and permitting a child to engage in an obscene act. On January 28, detectives charged three men with having sex with the 15-year-old girl. Detectives arrested Jim Finley, 28; Jeremy Futch, 29; and Michael Roscoe, 31, Lexington.Finley, Futch and Roscoe all were charged with one count each of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and criminal solicitation of a minor.Arrest warrants that were served on Finley and Futch allege that the two paid the 15-year-old girl’s mother $60 in cash in exchange for the girl performing a sex act on them at the mother's home.Arrest warrants that were served on Roscoe allege that Roscoe paid the 15-year-old girl's mother an undetermined amount of cash in exchange for the girl having sexual intercourse with Roscoe.Deputies say more charges may be filed in this case. Detectives took the 15-year-old girl into emergency protective custody after they arrested the girl’s mother. The girl was placed in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services.Detectives say the woman first forced her oldest daughter to engage in prostitution in May 2002, and the girl continued to work as a prostitute at her mother’s direction until the summer of 2006, when the girl moved out of her mother’s home. Detectives say the woman first forced her youngest daughter to work as a prostitute in the summer of 2006.Anyone with more information in this case is asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-559-TIPS.

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