CHARLOTTE, N.C. - University of North Carolina Charlotte officials are investigating the posting of a racially offensive sign on campus Wednesday night.

A sign reading 'colored' was allegedly placed above a water fountain on the UNCC campus sometime Wednesday evening, according to a statement by the school.

Thursday night University officials determined the offensive sign was posted near a water fountain that matches one in Holshouser Hall, a residence building on campus.

Staff met with Houlshouser residents Thursday evening to discuss what happened.

“To the person who did it, God bless you,” sophomore Miracle Okafor-Paul said. “I hope you change your mentality because there's so much in life and so much love in people, for you to have that much hate and display it like that, I feel like you need help.”

School officials never found the sign, but a photo of it taken on Snapchat was quick to circulate on campus.

“It's really hurtful to see all the pain this caused,” student government press secretary Anna Valdez said. “It's clearly targeted towards our black students. It's sad to see that they feel like they're being targeted in a place where they're supposed to feel at home and safe.”

Tracey Allsbrook, the UNCC student body president, tweeted her reaction to the photo, calling on all to stand up against 'hatred in any form.'

UNCC also says that all University buildings have been canvassed and security camera footage is being reviewed in relation to the posting of the sign.

It is believed that the image of the sign was initially posted on Snapchat, with the caption "wait a minute..." typed across the photo.

UNCC officials released a full statement Thursday. It reads:

A UNC Charlotte investigation began Wednesday night into a racially offensive sign depicted in a photo posted on social media. While the image provides no clear indication of the sign's location, some comments have indicated that it had been placed on campus. Housing and Residence Life staff members, the Dean of Students Office, and Police and Public Safety have been looking into this matter.

At this time, all University buildings have been canvassed and security camera footage is being reviewed as well. It is believed that the image was initially posted on Snapchat. Individuals who have any helpful information should contact the UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety Department via the LiveSafe app or by calling 704-687-8300.