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VERIFY: No, South Carolina school districts are not allowed to require masks

Parents have sent in a wide variety of questions, from mask mandates to vaccination requirements. Here's what South Carolina students and families need to know.
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It's the last weekend of summer for South Carolina students. 

On Monday, students will head back to the classroom. Of course, this school year will look different than previous ones. 

Parents have sent in a wide variety of questions, with everything from masks to remote learning coming up. WCNC Charlotte's VERIFY team spoke with multiple South Carolina school districts to get the answers. 

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Will children be required to wear masks this school year?


No, according to South Carolina Law, school districts cannot mandate masks. However, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control strongly recommends students and staff wear masks indoors. 

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Will districts have remote learning days on bad weather days, like when it snows? 


Yes, districts tell us they have the option to go virtual on these days because most are eLearning schools. That's a pilot program that started before the pandemic. 


Will South Carolina schools social distance


Yes, each district is implementing some sort of social distancing. These options include three and six feet of social distancing, small classrooms and limited hallway movement. Each district said they have a plan in place that works for their schools. 


 Will COVID-19 testing take place in schools?


The Clover School district tells us they have test kits and will offer them at the district office.

The York School District said it will have rapid testing for current district employees and students. Chester schools will also have rapid testing for students and staff. The nursing staff will follow testing protocols and test those exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19. 

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Both Fort Mill and Lancaster said they are not testing in schools.