SHELBY, N.C. — A Shelby woman says she's seeing something very strange in the woods behind her home.

"Sometimes I think this can't be real," Vicky Cook said. "It went in front of my camera."

Vicky Cook's video is grainy, but her conscious is clear.

"I screamed I didn't know what it was, but that thing was tall!" Cook shouted.

She says the Sasquatch sightings started back in March. Footprints are her proof.

"I think I've counted about eight different sized prints," said Cook. "This is a juvenile, but look at how long it is. That's a big ... big print."

For centuries now, trackers have been trying to trap the elusive creature. John Bruner documents sightings across the country and runs the Bigfoot 911 Facebook group. 

"It was huge," Bruner said. "It was on two legs. It was bipedal. The hair on the head on the body was real stringy and matted-looking."

Cook says she doesn't want her neighbors going hungry.

"Mostly like candy, cookies, they love peanut brittle, chocolate, peanut butter sandwiches," said Cook. "They don't like apples and bananas."


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