Volunteers recently captured video of wild horses paying respects to a horse who died after complications in giving birth to a foal. The video shows separate bands of wild horses along the Salt River lining up to walk by the body of a horse referred to as "Clydette" by the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG).

Clydette died after a foal got stuck during delivery and died. The SRWHMG says the foal was stuck for too long, causing Clydette to go into septic shock after the SRWHMG field team moved in to help.

After the field team moved away from the body, Clydette's band, or immediate family of horses, nuzzled her. Her lead stallion let out a cry.

A Facebook post by the SRWHMG says that other bands of horses suddenly arrived at the site, and lined up and walked by the body, paying respects.

The post says:

"It takes a most highly intelligent species to understand and actually mourn death. We have seen bands mourn their losses before, but for other bands to come and mourn her death also was simply awe inspiring. These animals have evolved to have amazing survival skills and very close and protective family bonds. In this natural behavior, lies true scientific value."