Brandon Martin's first game as college freshman will be one the Martin family will not forget.

With plenty of family and friends sitting behind the USC bench, the father and son were on opposing benches. Frank Martin is in his seventh season in charge of the USC program while his oldest son signed with USC Upstate as a member of Dave Dickerson's first recruiting class.

Brandon, who scored six points against Carolina, said he tried to treat his first game as another game when clearly it was not.

"I was excited just to play my first college game and I was a little bit nervous as well," said Brandon.

"Especially playing against my Dad but I treated it as just another game. We prepared real hard for this and it feels good just to come back and have all my family and friends come to my game and support me and cheer me on."

For the father, he took notice of Brandon's second-half three-pointer which came after one of his players failed to remember his defensive assignment that had been covered extensively in practice.

"We spent three days in practice talking about how every close out has to be to the guy," Frank Martin said.

"You have to get to the guy. Justin (Minaya) had a closeout and he kind of left it, and Brandon saw it and he played with pace and said ‘Oh you’re staying back there, I’m going to jump up and shoot it.’ I got mad at Justin. After I expressed to Justin my displeasure about the closeout, I sat down. When I sat back down, it kind of hit me, ‘Yo, that was your guy with confidence. You know what? Good for him.’ It was a weird moment for me. I’ve never felt good about another guy making a three against us, but that one felt pretty good.”

It's safe to say the Martin home will be decorated in the Gamecock colors of garnet and black and the USC Upstate colors of green and black.