ELGIN, SC — There could be a huge shift happening in youth sports and one girl from Elgin is leading the way.

Alexis Pittelkau plays multiple sports but baseball is her favorite and one experience proved it.

"When I was seven my mom told me I had to play a sport. At first I did not choose baseball I chose football. 'She said no that's too dangerous Lexi.' So she said how about baseball? So I went out and played baseball."

A coach told her before practicing drills that baseball may not be for her.

"He said we already have three other girls on this team. You can go try softball. At the end of the practice we did a lot of skill work. We did batting, fielding-at the end of practice he came up to my family and said never mind don't go to softball you are staying with me."

Alexis is a rising freshman at Lugoff Elgin high school and she is determined to play baseball at a high level. It's hard to deny her ability there's nothing like striking the boys out.

"It feels great," Alexis said with a smile. "Some guys think I don't belong in this sport. But other guys, once I show that I belong they really know that I belong. So they help through it and they believe in me throughout the whole game and multiple games."

The 14 year old is very active on the baseball scene always looking to play. She is on the American Legion Post 17 team, the Generals travel team and in the summer she plays for the Westwood JV travel team and has even played 16U ball when she was 13 years old.

Playing with boys in high school or beyond doesn't sound realistic at the moment but her coach feels things need to change.

"Her potential is there. It's unlimited. The problem is the society reacting to people," American Legion Post 17 head coach Shawn Tarte said. "We got to be as a society not to worry about whether somebody is a girl or a boy. It's a baseball game. That's the only obstacle she's going to have. She can play with anybody and she's proved it year after year."

That road block Coach Tarte referred to is starting to get pushed aside. Alexis was invited to the Girls Baseball Breakthrough series which is organized by the MLB and USA Baseball. This weekend She will be one of 65 girls in a developmental camp and tournament in Florida. Her mom, Danika Bass, says this is major.

"I'm pretty excited hearing about all the women in baseball that participate in it and having a bunch of college coaches and some scouts and some of the MLB players out there with the camps and it's just an opportunity that kids themselves don't get afforded much less girls get afforded so it's really amazing."

Alexis is excited to play with girls that she can relate to as well.

"It's very refreshing because girls-they know how it feels to play with other guys because there's not that many girls teams out there. So when you play with girls all of them belong there. So when all of them belong there we're just a better team and play well together," Alexis said.

One day there could be a spot on a team for Alexis. She has a passion for baseball.

"I love playing this game. It's the most happiest thing in my world right now. When I'm out on the field and I don't think about anything else. I just think about the sport of baseball so when I go out there I just have at it."

"Everyone said she doesn't have a future in baseball. She needs to play softball but's happening and I can't wait to watch her," Danika said.

The Girls Baseball Breakthrough Series is in it's second year and Alexis will get coaching from current and former members of the US Women's National Baseball Team.

A small number of women have played in the minor leagues throughout the years across the country and Alexis hopes she can get her start by playing high school baseball one day.